About Us

Coast Oil

Coast Oil has been part of the Northern California business scene since 1935, when the previous owner, Herb Richards, and his father founded the company to blend and sell lube oil. The company has grown to become one of the largest distributors of gasoline, diesel fuel, and lubricants in the US With over 875,000 gallons of above-ground storage, 30,000 square feet of warehouse and office space, utilizing modern "Pulsair" blending at our quality-control/test-lab facility located on four acres in East San Jose, Coast Oil is positioned to continue as one of the premier petroleum distributors in the US. Throughout its history, Coast Oil has been known for innovative product manufacturing, marketing and distribution as well as unwavering dedication to its customers; traits that have contributed to the growth of the company in a very competitive business. We are represented on the board of numerous industry organizations and supplier councils.

Dedication to customers

Because Coast Oil started out as a small business, and because almost all of our customers are small businesses or independent retailers, we have always gone the extra mile to establish a personal relationship with each customer. Our approach is based on two principles:

1. We will always do whatever it takes to keep the customer supplied with products.

2. We understand that we need to help our customers stay in business so we can stay in business.

This approach, combined with our unsurpassed industry knowledge, has earned us a reputation we are proud of. We thank you for your interest in Coast Oil and our products. If we can assist you with product supply or with more information, please contact us and we will be more than happy to serve your needs.

Corporate Office:
4250 Williams Road
San Jose, CA 95129
+1(408) 252 - 7720
+1(800) 366 - 7720

Fax: +1(408) 255 - 5263

Customer Service:
+1(408) 252 - 7720
Plant/Will Call:
2075 Alum Rock Ave
San Jose, CA 95116
Tel: +1(408) 251 - 0811
Fax: +1(408) 258 - 7244
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Gilroy, CA
6490 Chestnut St.
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